The retention pond is capable of offering both storm water reduction as well as treatment. They are specifically designed to support embryonic and surfaced aquatic vegetation along their shore. Surfeit from each rainfall is detained and then treated in the pool. The retention time stimulated the removal of pollutant through the process of sedimentation and the opening for biological uptake methods to decrease the concentrations of the nutrients.

Advantages of the Retention

  • Retention ponds are suitable for all storms
  • They provide effective removal capability of outside pollutant
  • They can use anywhere there is groundwater vulnerable
  • Retention ponds have good acceptability in the community
  • They have high ecological, amenity, and aesthetic benefits
  • They are helpful in adding benefits to the local properties


The retention ponds can be used in a residential property, commercial or industrial sites, contaminated sites and the sites that are located over the vulnerable groundwater. Retention ponds are likely to be constructed to regulate the rate of flow by storing floodwater and transferring it back slowly once the flood risk has been passed. They are also referred as a balancing pond. The stored floodwater will modify the water level, and these ponds should be created in such as that they are able to function efficiently in both dry as well as wet weather conditions. The quantity of the pond is influenced by the water amount that is allowed to be infiltrated into the ground once there is no risk to the quality of groundwater.


Ponds treat excess water in several ways:     

  • Settling solids in water that is still. Plants in the water improves the still condition and enhances the settlement
  • Adsorption through aquatic vegetation
  • Biological activity

Ponds avails different opportunities for the designer of the landscape. Enduringly wet ponds are likely to be used for storage of water for the purpose of reuse and provide exceptional opportunities for the stipulation of wildlife habitats. They can also be a part of open space for the public.

Retention ponds required certain maintenance process, which are:

  • Removal of litter or debris
  • Cleaning of inlet or outlet
  • Management of vegetation
  • Monitoring of sediment as well as removal if required

As the population is expanding is do the need for the transfer of water. Stormwater excess can be overwhelming for the sewers of the city and can actually wreck the near rivers and stream, via erosion. Dealing with the stormwater close to its source can be helpful in saving a significant amount on expensive repairs that city would otherwise pay for the correction of erosion.

Flo-Dynamic is a water management company that has been offering retention pond design for so many years. Their staff includes highly skilled, knowledgeable, and certified specialist that understand the regulations associated with the design and work accordingly. At Flo-Dynamics not only does the staff has the capability to offer creative and effective solutions to the customers, they make sure that they also ensure maintenance support as well.

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